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Fan Poem

The Dragon watches you expectantly,
Gently, benevolently,
And as you feel it’s warm, wild breath,

You quiver with anticipation.

Watch as they come toward you,
This wandering trio,
Watch as they take their places,
Into where they want to be in this world.

The Muse who cannot be moved,
With his fluidity, grace and a fierce rhythm,
That sets your heart into a thudding race,
Watch him as he takes his place.

A Goddess in black,
Her doe eyes closed, her pale lips parted,
Losing herself to a world within her heart,
Watch her as she takes her place.

The Spirit who stirs you,
The dormant part that comes to the surface,
With but a burning stare,
Watch him as he takes his place.
Watch them and look around;
Look at the others like you,
Clad in alternative black and white,
Lost in the thrumming of the Soul.

Close your eyes,
Feel the beat within your chest,
Let the words flow, the message get through to your mind,
Do you hear them?

Go back, to a time before the media controlled you,
Before your liberty was taken,
Before this world was a hidden nightmare,
When life was just as simple as it is.

Can YOU listen?

By: Sophie-Jo Pickering ©2012


Fan Art

 Big Love And Thanks To Our Young Weavers For Their Awesome Drawings :0)

By Kitty

By Sophie

By Skye

Big Love And Thanks To 

Lady Sugar Merch & Cake Queen.

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All media and artwork subject to copyright. Photographs by The Weavers. Contact: info@soulweaverband.co.uk